What are Credit Reports and Credit Scores ?

A Credit Report is a factual record of your credit payment history.

A Credit Score is a rating number based on your credit history.

Both are provided to companies and individuals by credit bureaus for purposes permitted by law, usually to grant you credit, for insurance purposes or for employment. The main purpose of a credit report and score is to help a credit grantor decide whether to grant you credit based upon your credit payment history, issue insurance or to be hired.

Let Us Pull Your Consumer Reports Before You Go Shopping!

WARNING… Don’t borrow money, refinance or make a major purchase until your Credit Reports and Credit Scores from us.
When you as a consumer request your own credit information -- it has NO EFFECT on your credit standings!

NOT SO if when buying a car, furniture or when getting a mortgage -- a lender or creditor pulls your credit. In fact, every time these 3rd party groups view your credit it LOWERS your credit score and may jeopardize your ability to get loan approval.

TIP… Instead, let us provide you both Credit Reports and Scores. Then use this credit information to SHOP-AROUND for the best interest and loan terms from lenders, until you find the one you want! This will minimize the amount of credit inquiries and SAVE your credit scores.

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